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What are data recovery options if the computer disk show read error?

Partition or volume is the file allocation area on a computer hard disk. Microsoft Windows offer two methods of hard disk partitioning i.e., NTFS and FAT. NTFS or new technology file system is widely used to format or install Windows operating system (OS) on computers. A computer may consist of one or several NTFS or FAT partitions that store Windows system files and your valuable data. However, MS Windows OS is vulnerable to various corruption threats that will erase your critical data and unstable your system also. As a user you’ll see different error messages appearing on your computer screen in case MS Windows become corrupt. One such error message is: Sector not found/read error.

You will see the above error message in the following situations:

1. One or more NTFS partitions of your computer has become corrupt

2. Master Boot record of your computer drive is completely damaged

3. Your computer hard disk has generated too many black spots or bad sectors


If you are receiving “sector not found/read error” due to disk bad sectors, then it is better to scan the hard disk with Chkdsk command.

To recover NTFS partition with CHKDSK command, do the following steps:

Another option is reformat your computer disk with MS Windows. After formatting of your computer disk, restore your old partition data from a good backup that may be a Winzip folder or MS backup folder. In case you have lost your Windows backup folder too due to corruption issue, then we recommend you to use a third party Windows data recovery software.

RecoveryFix for Windows

RecoveryFix for Windows is result oriented software to retrieve information from damaged or deleted NTFS volumes. It is quite efficient in recovering permanently deleted files and folders of a Windows drive also. Windows Data recovery software is equipped with three sophisticated data recovery modes i.e. Quick scan, Extensive Scan and File trace. You shall be able to recover NTFS or FAT table even if Master Boot record (MBR) or MFT has been completely damaged. Windows Data recovery software can retrieve data from all types of fixed drive such as IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA and PATA. This software is also available in free evaluation version that will show all recovered partition data in a preview structure. You shall be able to save Windows data only with full version of the Windows data recovery software.

Data Recovery Program

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